TExtraDevices and Delphi Rio

We are in a process of upgrading our apps to Delphi Rio from D2006. The old code uses TExtraDevices. Per Waler website TExtraDevices are supported until Delphi 2010. What are our options here for upgrade? Let's say, if we decide to go away from TExtraDevices, does the new version of RB provides functionality that TE used to provide?


  • Hi Steve,

    The short answer is Yes :).

    ReportBuilder now supports over 20 file export options including PDF, RTF, XLSX, DOC, HTML, and Text. All of which are more advanced than the devices provided with TExtraDevices. In addition we are continually updating and maintaining these features as ReportBuilder moves forward.

    Using the link below, you can download a trial copy of ReportBuilder 19.04 to test out these (as well as many other) features.


    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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