Problem to configure DADE

I'm trying to add to my Delphi application the possibility to connect directly to the database to allow to end-user to use directly the tables of the database (before this modify, I made reports using TTextPipeline. I added daIDE in uses to see the Data Tabs. I set on my Designer:
Designer.DataSettings.DatabaseName := 'dbMain2';
Designer.DataSettings.SessionType := 'dbExpressSession';
Designer.DataSettings.AllowEditSQL := true;
Designer.DataSettings.CollationType := ctANSI;
Designer.DataSettings.DatabaseType := dtFirebird;
When I click on TppReport , I'm able to see the Data Tab and when I click on "New" I'm able to see Query WIzard and Query Designer. But when I run my application and open Report Builder to mody a report, I see Data Tab but if I click on New I see a white page. Also if I click on Data Settings menu, the combobox in connection tab are empty.
What am I doing wrong? Do I need to import something else?


  • Hi Paola,

    You need to be sure you are adding the DADE plugin to your uses clause so it is registered at runtime.

    In your case it appears you are using DBExpress. Try adding daDBExpress to your uses clause.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Thank you!!! :-)
    Now it works.
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