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Cannot print to printer a report with allowprinttofile set to true

Delphi 10.1 + RB 20.03

create a new report
put a label in the header band
set report.allowprinttofile=true
save the report

preview it to the screen
you can export it to PDF
but you cannot print it to printer

thank for the fix


  • edited June 2020
    Hi Julien,

    Following your steps above, I was unable to recreate this behavior. Are you using a custom print dialog?

    ReportBuilder 20 introduced an updated print dialog which now separates between exporting to file and printing to the printer. This is controlled by the side-bar on the left. See the screenshot below.


    Also, the preview toolbar now contains a new Export button next to the Print button to open the appropriate dialog option automatically.


    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hi Nico,

    it's our fault
    an old piece of code that's no longer in use

    Thank you very much

    Julien Bertano

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