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ppDBRichView property Document does not exist


We use Report Builder v12 with Delphi 2010 and Richview v18 at our company. We have been using an older version of richview, and we just upgraded to version 18. Since the upgrade we have been getting "ppDBRichView property Document does not exist" error when we are loading an old report.

We understand that opening the report design dialog and resaving the report removes the property and the error goes away.The problem is that we have a lot of clients with custom reports, and it would be difficult to go through each and every report for every client.

Can you please advice on any other alternative to fix this issue.



  • Hi Tebele,

    I suggest contacting RichView support for this issue. It is likely that the "Document" property was removed for the newer version of TRichView and needs to be handled when an older template is loaded.

    If this is an issue with ReportBuilder, RichView support will contact us and we will work together to find a solution.


    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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