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Export to PDF not scaling page layout


We still have a large product running on a Delphi 5 platform. There we Export to PDF using pragnaan in combination with RB 6.03.
Recently users began complaining that the export to PDF does not scale the page layout when display settings exceed 100%. This is a Pragnaan issue.
Of course I'm trying to find a solution. I saw that RB implemented Export to PDF themselves from version 9 and up.
For Delphi 5 the last version is 7 so that not the solution. I saw that for Delphi 6 version 12 is the last. Is it possible for me to build that version under D5?

We also have products running on Delphi RIO with RB version 19.0.3
Is there a way to port the export to a Rio dll/bpl?

Or do you have an idea how to solve this? and no it is not possible to update the Application from D5 to RIO :)


With regards
Dennis te Kloese
Exact Software


  • For those viewing this thread, this was resolved by creating a .dll using the latest version of ReportBuilder and calling it from a legacy Delphi 5 application. An archive file was created and passed to the .dll which then exported it to the needed file type.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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