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Exporting RTF or Word format does not include image

good morning,

I have a Delphi Tokyo, Report Builder 13.2 and infoPower /Woll to Woll.

So i can add an image to my report and it works when saved to PDF or printed. If I select Word or RTF the image is gone.

This is hybrid i know part You and part InfoPower so i am writing you both the same letter

//this is an export item
if action = ACTION_EXPORT then
ppMasterTemplate.ShowPrintDialog := true;
// ppMasterTemplate.PrintDialog.
//lets only display device types that make sense
FPDFDevice.Publisher := ppMasterTemplate.Publisher;
FPDFDevice.FileName := strFullPath;
ppMasterTemplate.DeviceType := PDF_EXT;
ppMasterTemplate.ShowPrintDialog := False;



  • report Builder 20.03
  • Hi Jim,

    ReportBuilder does not currently support images embedded into a RichText document when exporting to RTF or DOC. This is a feature will will consider researching and adding for a later release of the product.

    Currently you can set the RTFSettings.MergeRichText property to False to export the entire RichText as a MetaFile if you need the image to appear however you will lose text editing capabilities for that RichText component inside the exported document.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Thank you. I will see what my Client wants.
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