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Problem with TppDesigner in high DPI


I have a problem with TppDesigner when I load it in a 4K screen :

At load nothing is scaled, all the elements are at 96 DPI, which should not be the case :

and if I drag the window to a standard screen, no resize is done => display is OK
and I drag back the window to the high DPI screen, and then it is scaled and everything is OK aside the icons

NB: The TppDesigner is included in the dfm, and all other elements in my form behave correctly and are with CurrentPPI at 192.

=> Can you please correct this scaling at load ?



  • Hi Gilles,

    I created a simple test with a Designer on a Form. In a Button OnClick I implemented code to call Designer.ShowModal. I cannot reproduce the scaling issue.

    Please provide steps to reproduce.

    I'm testing with RB 20.04 and Delphi 10.4

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
  • edited December 2020
    Dear Nard,

    I created a simple project, and I sent it to you by email.
    I'm testing with RB 20.04 and Delphi 10.4 also.
    Same problem as in my application.

    Maybe the difference between your testing and mine can be that my main screen is not in 4K: I move the main form to the 4K screen, and then I open TppDesigner => it opens on this same 4K screen, but does not seem to have detected the high DPI when showing.

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