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I have a client that i need to enforce restrictions as to what values they can select from the report search panels.

So i have created a class of soEqual etc that gives them a combobox selection instead of free entry.

I am creating a class for InList that does similar, restricted subset of values in combo box to add to list, which is ok.

My question is for the Between search panel, for example if a user has access to field values 100,200,300 then if they select from 100 to 300 they would get values inbetween which they are not allowed to see.

So is it possible to change the autosearch "SearchOperator" field at runtime, so if a report autosearch as a between field, then when getting the panel class can i change the class to soInList so they can only specify from a list of allowed values?

GetPanelClassForField aField parameter is not var, so can it be changed and where please?


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