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Cell type when exporting to XLSXData

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I just installed last trial version of RBServer 20.4 and made a test. I created a simple report, listing two table fields, an integer and a string, from a Firedac data source (Firebird).
When I exported this report to XLSXData, the cell type of integer field was "General", but I want to create cell of type Number.

My question is: how to export do XLSXData, creating cells according from source field type? (number, date, ...)


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    Hi Gustavo,

    To check cell datatype in Excel, open the spreadsheet and in an empty cell, use the formula =Type(A1) to refer to the cell. A value of 1=Integer and 2=String.

    In my testing RB is correctly exporting the data type.

    What you may be referring to is the 'Genera' display format which is the default when no display format is specified. RB also exports the DisplayFormat to Excel as a separate cell attribute.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
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  • Hi Nard,

    Yes, I'm referring about display format of cell. And =Type(A1) returned 1 (Integer).

    Is there a way to export a report choosing cell display format, other than General or Custom, like Number, Currency,..?
  • Any more help?

  • Hi Nard,

    Could you help me about my last question ?

    Thank you
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