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DBMemo wrong height calculation

I have noticed a problem with DBMemo. When a text ends up with a lot of spaces RB calculates the height of the field as if it were a Trim but then later when it performs the text it uses all the text with the spaces at the end and then resizes the very small to have space in the reserved place.

The DBMemo has the property Strech turned on

RB Version: 20.02 Build 67


Here the text that showed up wrong:

Format: 60x7cm
Druck: 1/0 farbig schwarz
Papier: uso mano 80g
Verarbeitung: geschnitten


  • Hi Matthias,

    This is not a known issue. My first suggestion would be to upgrade to the latest version of ReportBuilder (20.04) and test with that. If you still experience this issue, please create a simple example that demonstrates the problem using only Delphi and RB components. That way we can see exactly what is happening in our code and find a solution.

    Send examples in .zip format to support@digital-metaphors.com.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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