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Designer position restored out of view


my app offers end users to design their own reports. I've enabled IniStorageName- and Type on the TppDesigner component, so beside other things, it saves and restores the window position in the registry.

This can result in the designer opening off-screen, if the settings were saved with the designer being placed on a 2nd monitor that is now no longer connected. Looking at the code it simple saves and restores the bounds rect, without any further checks.

Please consider improving the code, so the designer is not restored *completely* off-screen (partially off-screen is absolutely fine by me).

If necessary, I can provide more detailed steps.

As it is now, especially if the designer is shown modally, this makes the app appear to be completely hanging, which is obviously not acceptable.




  • Hi Andreas,

    The next major release will include multi-monitor enhancements, including save/restore windows position.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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