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Acess Violoation Template.New


I get an acessviolation on Template.New.
I use the latest Version of RB and Delphi

005a0193 mgmERP.exe System.Generics.Collections 3011 TListHelper.InternalAdd4
005f9cf3 mgmERP.exe System.ImageList 124 TBaseImageList.AddLink
0075167c mgmERP.exe Vcl.ImgList 1380 TCustomImageList.RegisterChanges
0267a659 mgmERP.exe ppTB2Item 2361 TppTBCustomItem.ChangeImages
0267a6e6 mgmERP.exe ppTB2Item 2375 TppTBCustomItem.SetSubMenuImages
026832e8 mgmERP.exe ppTB2Item 6636 TppTBPopupMenu.SetImages
02a66f28 mgmERP.exe ppPopupMenus 622 TppPopupMenuManager.GetPopupMenu
02adee4f mgmERP.exe ppDesignControls 1998 TppDesignControlManager.CreateDesignControl
02adea2f mgmERP.exe ppDesignControls 1807 TppDesignControlManager.EventNotify
025bcb74 mgmERP.exe ppComm 771 TppCommunicator.SendEventNotify
028e8c63 mgmERP.exe ppClass 5339 TppCustomReport.AddBand
028ea9cc mgmERP.exe ppClass 6607 TppBand.SetReport
027226eb mgmERP.exe ppReport 801 TppBandedReport.AddBand
02722851 mgmERP.exe ppReport 886 TppBandedReport.GetDetail
0272de2f mgmERP.exe ppTmplat 2213 TppReportTemplate.New
0391c9dd mgmERP.exe gfdru 4197 TGFDrucken.LoadReport


  • Hi Thomas,

    In my testing with our End-User demo I am unable to recreate this behavior. Are you able to recreate this with a simple example separate from your main application? If so, please send it in .zip format to support@digital-metaphors.com and I'll research the problem further.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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