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RB20.0.4, D10.4.1
I've a TOC Subreport that is in a group of a Lable, and it has 3 memo fields. 2 of them are populated before I print the report, the thirt one is the page number, and I set it on the first pass (to a stringlist), in a ppGroupHeaderBandBeforePrint print. The problems is that when the TOC has more then one page, it doesn't show the page number on the second page. I tryed to do the fmPPP1.ppMemo1.Lines := strList, on the second pass, in many events, but still doesn't show on the second page of the TOC, although the other 2 memos, that I assigned the strings the same way, before printing the report, functions well on the second page... What should I do? Tks
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