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I have just installed RB 21.02 and am in the process of checking things build ok.

In the print preview code there is the following that fails to build:

case FTextSearchAlignment of
saHorizontal: FSearchPreview.ArrangeControlsHorizontally;

saVertical: FSearchPreview.ArrangeControlsVertically;

The method ArrangeControlsHorizontally no longer exists in TppCustomSearchPreview

If i comment it out, the search controls are drawn over each other.

Is there a new way to achieve what the ArrangeControlsHorizontally method did?


  • Hi Steven,

    I'll restore ArrangeControlsHorizontally for the next maintenance release. (It got removed while working on high DPI. It is not called by RB source so didn't think it was being used).

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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