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Change font.style affects position


After my report-layout is loaded, I change the font.style with the following code :

// At this point, TppLabel(Components[c]).left = 90,7

TppLabel(Components[c]).font.style := TppLabel(Components[c]).font.style -[fsbold];

// At this point, TppLabel(Components[c]).left = 192,8

this code has been working for years without problems. Has something changed in the last version that affacts this ?
And how can I avoid this ?

kind reagrds,

Dirk Janssens,.


  • The same behaviour is seen designtime in the reportdsigner. Changing fontstyle +/- bold changes the position of labels. Is this a bug ?
  • See this recording :
    kind regards,
    Dirk Janssens.
  • Hi Dirk,

    I just sent you a patch for RB 21.03 that resolves the issue.

    This behavior occurs for specific cases, for example when Label/DBText AutoSize False and TextAlignment RightJustified.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
  • Thank you, it works now !
    kind regards,
  • edited March 25

    We are facing exactly the same problem and addition we found out that changing autosize may cause radical change to layout. We are using RB 21.03.

          object ppLabel1: TppLabel
            mmHeight = 3704
            mmLeft = 122767
            mmTop = 21431
            mmWidth = 42333
            BandType = 0

    AFTER setting autosize to false
          object ppLabel1: TppLabel
            AutoSize = False
            mmHeight = 0
            mmLeft = 497703937
            mmTop = 497734099
            mmWidth = 42333

  • This issue is fixed with a patch for RB 21.03. Registered customers with a valid software subscription can email support@digital-metaphors.com to receive the patch.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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