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Cannot able to assign a datasource to TppBDEPipeline

I am migarting my application from delphi 4 to 10.4. Currently I am using report builder 21.01.
In older version, delphi 4 when assigning datasorce to TppBDEPipeline its working fine. But after migartion in delphi 10.4 its giving an error "Cannot assign a TFieldList to a TStringList" on assigning datasource to TppBDEPipeline.

Code example:

FPipeLine : TppBDEPipeline;
FPipeline.Datasource := DatasourceImprRapt;


  • Hi Rajeev,

    TppBDEPipeline is only retained for backward compatibility and is the same as TppDBPipeline. Moving forward, you should change all pipelines to TppDBPipeline.

    The Pipeline.Datasource property is of type TDataSource so the compiler is likely referring to a different object (or you are perhaps pulling in an old .dcu). I suggest creating a minimal test app with a Table, Datasource, Pipeline, and Report. If this works, work on finding how it is different from your main application.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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