Unable to populate TdaSQL

I'm using ReportBuilder Professional 21.02 build 286.

I have a TForm having ppReport and dataModule having ppDBPipeline connected to datasource connected to TFDQuery (Previously I had used TADOQuery & DataSettings changed accordingly)
ppReport.Template is set to loadfromdatabase. ppDesigner is set to PPReport. Designer is able to show up the report.

ReportTemplateLoadEnd Event is used to access SQL Object via TdaSQL. I'm unable to access TdaModule using
lDataModule := daGetDataModule(aReport);
Though lDataModule := TdaDataModule.CreateForReport(ppReport1); gives datamodule, i'm unable to access
lDataModule.DataViewCount. This gives access violation.

Also, I'm unable to create TdaSQLBuilder as Datapipeline.sql is nil is the error message.

Please help me out to populate TdaSQL SQL Object to access SQLText used in the Report.

Thank you
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