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National charactersin subject


I have a small problem when sending e-mail via GMail Oauth2 (but could be also in other ways of sending). The national characters are displayed correctly in the body, but not in the subject.

Example (should be the same text in both)

Subject: Test Ä Å¡Ä‡Ä‘Å¾ÄŒÅ Ä†Ä Å½
Body: Test: čšćđžČŠĆĐŽ

Is there any solution for this?

my code is simple:
  ppReport1.EmailSettings.Subject := 'Test čšćđžČŠĆĐŽ';
  ppReport1.EmailSettings.Body.Text := 'Test čšćđžČŠĆĐŽ';


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