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Generating PDF opens Acrobat Reader


we are using D7 and RB 15.02

Fcartas.Recpagesp.PDFSettings.Title := 'Recordatorio de pago '+Qrecibos.fieldbyname('re_pol').asstring+' ('+StringReplace(Qrecibos.fieldbyname('re_num').asstring, '/', '-', [rfReplaceAll, rfIgnoreCase])+')';

Fcartas.Recpagesp.ShowPrintDialog :=False;
Fcartas.Recpagesp.ShowCancelDialog :=False;
Fcartas.Recpagesp.ModalCancelDialog :=False;

With that code, we generate a PDF file; the first time we execute that code the file is created without problem, but the following times we execute it, Acrobat reader is open to show the file.


if we remove the "false" lines, it shows Printer's dialog
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