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GMail - HTML tag <BR> in body


When sending e-mail via GMail OAuth2, the mail body get
tags, for example:
This is a test<BR>
of a mulliline e-mail.<BR>
The code to fill the e-mail is this (simplified a little):
    Engine.EmailSettings.Subject := 'Test';
    Engine.EmailSettings.Body.Text := 'Hello!'#10#13#10#13'This is a test'#10#13'of a multiline e-mail.'#10#13;

    Engine.EmailSettings.FromAddress := '';  
    Engine.EmailSettings.OAuth2.ClientID := 'mysupersecredclientid';
    Engine.EmailSettings.OAuth2.ClientSecret := 'mysupersecredcclientsecret';
    Engine.EmailSettings.OAuth2.RedirectURI := 'http://localhost';
    Engine.EmailSettings.PreviewInEmailClient := false;

Is there something that I do wrong or is a bug?


  • Hi Marko,

    In my testing with your exact Body text, the email showed correctly both in Outlook and the Gmail web interface. How are you viewing this email?

    One item I noticed is that a CRLF is actually #13#10. It didn't make a difference when I tested but it might be worth trying.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hello!

    Thank you. I view the mail in the client's mail program.

    I will prepare the exact test data that lead to the problem for tomorrow.
  • Hmmm... you'r right, it works also for me... But on a client workstation doesn't. :(

    I will inspect the problem and if it's related to RB, I will report here.

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