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Order of Subreports - ChildReports - ShiftRelaitveTo is not working

I have a report with 4 subreports. Print behavior is set to ppChild for all. For some time now (possibly after my last update of the ReportBuilder, the order is no longer correct. I set shiftRelativeto to blank for the first SubReport and entered the previous subreport for the others. But no matter what I enter in shiftRelativeto, the order does not change. It is always exactly (randomly) backwards in the order subreport 4,3,2,1, if I move the subreports to a different order in the designer, it is still printed in the order 4,3,2,1... .It's irritating me a bit ;-). In my Delphi code I have not programmed accordingly


  • Hi Josef,

    In my testing with a minimal report with 4 child subreports all set to shift relative to each other, everything seemed to work as expected (even when re-ordering the subreports inside the detail band in the designer). If you create a simple app like mine are you able to recreate the behavior in your application? If so, please send this example to me in .zip format and I'll research what is happening. Send the example to support@digital-metaphors.com.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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