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Calculated Field change break the link to the DBText component

Version: ReportBuilder 21.04

On the Report's Pipeline Data object if we have a Calculated field with a Field Alias like "Customer Name" and SQL Alias "Select_C_Custname_from_H"

The DBText component references this calc field by its Field Alias "Customer Name"

If we change the Function expression on the Calculated Field, it will change the Field's SQL Alias automatically to "Select_C_Address1_from_H"

This in turn breaks the DBText's link to the Field. The DBText component will be referencing field "SELECT_C_CustName_FROM_H" and not "Customer Name". This seems to be the old SQL field alias of the calc field.

This appears to be a bug. Can anyone else recreate this or is it just me?

Thank you,
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