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Search description/manual for Teechart RAP-commands

Is there a description/manual for Teechart RAP-commands available?
I would configure a teechart with RAP to show diffenent colors for each bar.

In Delphi code i would do something like this:

ppDPTeeChart1.Chart.ColorPalette[0] := clRed;
ppDPTeeChart1.Chart.ColorPalette[1] := clBlue;

But how can i do that in RAP?

Thanks for any support.
Br, Robert


  • Hi Robert,

    See the source for the supported TeeChart RAP RTTI in the ppChrt.pas file for all included routines/properties beyond the published ones.

    Chart.ColorPalette is not currently supported for RAP however I will add it for the next release.

    Currently you will need to create a RAP pass-thru function to execute that code. See the main RAP demo included with ReportBuilder on how to create a chart in RAP code as well as create pass-thru functions.
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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