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ReportBuilder 22.01 is now available

Digital Metaphors Corporation releases ReportBuilder 22.01!

ReportBuilder 22.01 includes VCL support for Delphi 11.3, Delphi 10.4, Delphi 10.3, Delphi 10.2, Delphi 10.1, Delphi 10, Delphi XE8, XE7, XE6, XE5, XE4, XE3, XE2, Delphi 2007, and Delphi 7.

Overview: http://rbwiki.digital-metaphors.com/general/whats-new/rb-22/

New Feature List: http://www.digital-metaphors.com/download/pdf/NewFeatures.pdf

New RB Software Subscription, see the following link

Pricing: http://www.digital-metaphors.com/order

Upgrade now!

New for RB 22.01
- support for Delphi 11.3

Bug Fixes for RB 22.01

- Toolbars Repaint/flicker with Delphi 11.3

- DBPipeline, Range check error can occur for empty string blob field

- ppPDFDigitalSignatureDlg.pas, Removed CustomizeDlg reference
- caused package issue (not interface compatible)

- Viewer, Re-enabled automatic mouse wheel scroll

<----- Professional ---->

- DataViewToolWin, Fix for window handle re-created (Designer re-parented)
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