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Is it posible to designate which cell a DBText/Variable will be exported to?

Is it possible to set column/cell width and Height for a DBText/Label?

I have a request where an Excel output has been requested and it consists of 14 header rows with date and column headings etc.

Followed by a data rows with 10 columns.

Is above possible, any examples/tips welcome.



  • Hi Steve,

    Check out the help topic for TppXlsxReportDevice (and/or TppXlsReportDevice) for details on using this export.

    XlsReport is designed to handle any RB page output. Yes Excel is limited to rows/columns, but RB can merge cells and vary row heights to optimize translation.

    For an Excel spreadsheet columns are fixed width. RB page element Left and Right positions are mapped to the nearest columns - any cells between are merged as needed to accommodate the element width.

    You can optimize the report layout for XlsReport export by setting each element to AutoSize False and manually size the width. For column header and corresponding column detail align the left and width of header/detail elements and set TextAlignment to be the same.

    Finally you can iteratively run the export, review the result and adjust the report layout.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
  • Thanks Nard,

    I got a working solution.
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