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Convert/Migrate old RB v9 (.BRT) reports to RB v21 (.RTM)

We have been in the process of migrating our old Delphi code to the current version of Delphi. Our app fully integrates the ReportBuilder and includes several pre-made "standard" report templates. I have tried a couple different approaches:

1. I have attempted the steps noted in the readme/release notes - change file extension to RTM and then, from within the designer, open from file. This appears to open the file without error, but also without importing anything from the old template.

2. I have attempted opening from data stream (via the previously imported report templates stored in the DB), and in this case we do get the design elements to show, but none of the configured data sources or procedures are brought in.

In approach #2 I do get an error: "Class TdaIBXQueryDataView not found..."
This is not unexpected since many of the old IBX components in Delphi are migrated to new components, so likewise there are corresponding changes in RB - so my assuption is that TdaIBXQueryDataView is fully replaced by TdaQueryDataView?

Following this conclusion, I could use a text editor of other tool to do a find/replace in these cases in the old RB template files. However, I also assume there must be other classes, and/or properties, that need to be replaced as well. Additionally, in most of our old templates there is an encoded data section, and I am not entirely confident this will carry over cleanly, if at all.
If it was only a handful of Report Templates, I wouldn't mind pushing through, or even re-writing, them manually, but there are a couple hundred.

So, I am hoping somebody has some form of doc or notes for the class and property mappings (like the mappings used for the Delphi code migrations)... or (if I'm really lucky), there is some sort of utility or process to reliably migrate our old v9 RB templates with a few extra steps.


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