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Fields of MasterDataPipeline don't show

as you may understand on my following question I'm new to Report Builder.
Using Delphi 11.3, MySQL 8 and ReportBuilder 22.02.
Try to create a simple Master Detail report based on three Datasets.
I have 3 ADOQuerys with Datasource and DBpipeline connected and in all three activated a SQL query in order to se the datafields that is to be connected in the MasterFieldLinks.
In the report builders data tree I can see the three pipelines but not the datafields of the top master pipeline. The SQL query is correct.
The structure in the data tree is as follows:
------DBPipeline2 ( No fields showing)
-------DBPipeline1 (All fields showing)
------DBPipeline4 (All fields showing)

Anyone have an idea on what I'm missing here?



  • Hi again,
    forgot to mention that DBpipeline1 has DBpipeline2 as MaterDataPipeline and DBPipeline4 has DBPipeline1 as master. But that was perhaps obvious. :-)
  • Hi Dag,

    The first item to check is that your datapipelines have AutoCreateFields set to True. If so, then the pipeline will simply create the fields it is given from the dataset.

    1. Check to be sure the pipelines are connected to the proper data source.

    2. Place a DBGrid on your form and connect it to the dataset the pipeline (DBPipeline2) is connected to and be sure the correct data/fields are showing.

    3. Try removing all master links and connect the report to the single datapipeline. (DBPipeline2)
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Thank's for the help, now it's working.
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