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Problem with 17.02

Hi all,
I'm newbe in this forum and I'm here to ask an important question for me.
I have made new project based in an old type.
I have changed some previous error and now I whant to add other component (bitmap, label and so on) but after selected the component and put the mouse in canvas and drawing the square, when I release it is not inserted, and thi is for all components.
Also, I have saved the .rtm file and now I do not understand what is writted into.
Also if I select a .rtm file to open, it is not loaded.
What can I do?

Thanks in advance and best regards.



  • Small fix....I can't select a .rtm file, it just doesn't open the frame!!
  • Hi Sergio,

    This is not a known issue with ReportBuilder. If you create a new Delphi application with a designer and report, do you get the same behavior?

    Please upgrade to the latest version of ReportBuilder (RB 22.03) and retest. If you still have issues adding components to reports, please create a simple example we can run here and send it to support@digital-metaphors.com in .zip format and we'll take a look at what is happening.
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hello, thanks for your quik answer..
    Sorry if I chose to write and not send you a zipped file, but this is more simple because for an exaustive example I have to load db table and so on. Wery hard!!
    By the way, the problem that I have...

    In my project , I have a form who have 1 TppReport, 1 TppDbPipeline, 1 TMyDataSource and 1 TMyQuery and 1 query to load data.
    I have connect ppReport by DataPipeline property to TppDbPipeline (named ppDBTabella) who is connected to TMyDataSource (named tabella_expro_ds) with DataSource property connected to TMyQuery (named tabella_expro) who have DataSet property connected to TMyQuery (named tabella_expro). Also I have an other TMyQuery named tabella_pgp and TMyDataSource named tabella_pgp_ds and a template to load named K41GESLANCI_PRODART.RTM (an union from program_name and template_name)
    Then I have this code to get query who populate fields in TppReport.

    procedure TK41GESLANCI.LancioStampeClick(Sender: TObject);
    pr: TppReport;
    nome_template, Sql: string;


    programma := 'K41GESLANCI';
    nome_template := 'PRODART.RTM';

    pr := TppReport.Create(nil);

    tabella_pgp.SQL.Add('SELECT testo_query FROM arc_cli_x41.pgp WHERE prg_codice = :progr');
    tabella_pgp.ParamByName('progr').AsString := programma;
    Sql := tabella_pgp.FieldByName('testo_query').AsString;

    pr.Template.FileName := cartella_root_installazione + 'report' + '\' + programma + '_' + nome_template;
    if fileexists(pr.Template.FileName) then

    SHOWMESSAGE('non esiste il modello di output ' +
    pr.Template.FileName +
    #13 + 'per il programma di stampa: ' + programma);


    ShowMessage('Lanciare la stampa');

    With this code I'm able to load template and show some components preloaded, but if I whant to modify with project in ReportBuilder I can't do nothing, but if I open an other form with other template I can add, remove, managed data freely.
    I would like to be able to manage data and component for freely in this template too.
    There are other sets that I not know?
  • Hi Sergio,

    Again, this is not a known issue with ReportBuilder.

    If you save the template to file and try to load it at Delphi design-time are you still unable to edit the report?

    If this only occurs with one template, it is possible that template has become corrupted in some way. It may be necessary to recreate this particular report from scratch.
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • I have tryed to save, but I can't reading it because I think is binary!?
    Those are first rows:

    TPF0 TppReportppReportAutoStopDataPipelineppDBTabellaNoDataBehaviorsndMessageDialogndBlankPage PassSetting psTwoPassPrinterSetup.BinNameDefaultPrinterSetup.DocumentName!Stampa conferma lancio produzionePrinterSetup.DuplexdpNonePrinterSetup.PaperNameA4PrinterSetup.PrinterNameDefaultPrinterSetup.SaveDeviceSettingsPrinterSetup.mmMarginBottomÎPrinterSetup.mmMarginLeftÎPrinterSetup.mmMarginRightÎPrinterSetup.mmMarginTopÎPrinterSetup.mmPaperHeight§ˆ PrinterSetup.mmPaperWidthŸ4 PrinterSetup.PaperSize Template.FileName6C:\GestionaleOpen\mango\report\K41GESLANCI_PRODART.RTMUnits

    This is what i read when save file
  • Well, I solved it. The problem is that I use a different report because I create it in the procedure, not the one I declared in the form.

    Thanks again
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