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Access Violation since updating to 22.02

Delphi 11.3, previously using RB 21.05. Last week, I updated to RB 22.02. Since the update, I now receive this AV when Delphi closes:

Access violation at address 52658D0C in module 'rtl280.bpl'. Read of address 004D0076.

All I need to do is open Delphi and then close Delphi, without opening a project, and the AV occurs. Today I updated to 22.03 and the AV still occurs.

If I unload the four packages below by going to Components->Install Components and unchecking each package, the AV does not occur. However, if any one of these four packages are loaded, the AV occurs when Delphi closes.

RB Data Access for ADO
RB Data Access for dbExpress
RB Data Access for FireDAC
RB RAP Language

I have searched for older BPL and DCP files. The only RB binaries I can find are from the new installation of RB.

Any suggestions?


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