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Export RTM to HTML

Are there any built in functions to export an RTM file to HTML. Reason is, I am trying to use the same template for Delphi application and also for a web portal that creates the HTML version on the fly rather than having to maintain 2 versions.


  • Hi Nico. Order #25495 (December 5, 2023)
  • Hi Andy, thank you for your purchase.

    An RTM is a report template which is a representation of the report design. Think of it as a binary version of what you see in the report designer. The report that you see in the previewer, printed to paper, or exported to file is the result of that template being processed by the report engine, data being accessed, and page layouts being created for the desired output.

    ReportBuilder includes a built-in HTML device that allows you to export a report to the HTML format. See the TppHTMLDevice topic in our help for more information. If you are simply looking to view reports from within a web browser, I highly recommend exporting the reports to PDF instead. PDF files are easier to maintain in that images and fonts are embedded, and PDF output will be more accurate than HTML. Most modern browsers natively support viewing PDF files.
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    Nico Cizik
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  • Hi Nico
    Thanks for you reply. It's not the report output that I need in HTML, we are familiar with that but the actual report design. I have kinda done it by interpreting the elements of the template as text and will continue to develop that if there isn't an easier way.
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