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Gmail not verified by Google

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I have a question about sending e-mails via GMail. My customers have a few issues when sending via GMail. I have sample pictures, but I cannot insert them here (no upload picture option).

1. There's always a security question when sending.
2. After the checking, the browser stays open undefinitely
3. Some users reportig that there are no errors, but e-mail are not sent.

1. Security
After clicking send in the application the browser opens as usual and the user choose the profile in gmail.
After thart there is a Google security warning, where the user must select "Advanced" and then "Go to Titania Easy" (the name of the application). After that there is the message that Easy wants to access some things where the account that the user must select "Continue". In some cases, the mail is sent. My question is - how to get rid of the security pages in Google? I tried to go through the verification process, but there is the problem, that they do not certify then the address is "localhost" or

2. Mail not sent
After all done in point 1 the browser page stays open and nothing happens. It used to work correctly for about 1 year, I don't remember changing anything. My question: Where I can check for any error or tip how to fix this.

In some cases after all the procedures in point 1 the mail is not sent - the browser just stays on the same screen and there is a "busy" sign that scrolls on the top. Also RB stays open with the dialog for authorizing on Gmail. Question: Same as above - how to understand and fix the problem. No errors, no warnings


  • Hi Marko,

    1. Refresh tokens have been added for RB 22. Please consider upgrading.

    2. This is a restriction added for most modern browsers so it is out of our hands. A message is displayed to "close the browser".

    3. Are you implementing the OnEmailError events? That should give some insight. RB 22 includes the easier Report.OnEmailError event.
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hi!

    I already have RB 22.03 on D12.

    How do I see if the refresh token is being saved? Is there something I must set, I don't see any setting on the component in the IDE.

  • Forget about the token, I just found the setting .. :)

    I will check OnEmailError for any additional data
  • About point 3 - it's common to have the GMail authorization to stay there, andi it seems busy, but in the background the mail is sent. No errors, everything is done correctly in the process, just the browser window displays the busy page (I can send you a small video, just tell me where to send).

    The busy page confuses the users,
  • One more question about tokens - how do they exactly work? Are they meant so there are no login screens if I restart the application? Is there any info about this?
  • Hi Marko,

    Documentation on token storage options can be found in the TppOAuth2Settings.AuthStorage help topic included with ReportBuilder.

    For the Gmail Authorization hanging issue. I have a patch for RB 22.03 that may help. Send and email to support@digital-metaphors.com with your registration information (current serial number and purchasing email address) and I'll get that to you asap.

    Verifying your application with Google is a month(s) long process that could cost thousands of dollars. The http://localhost is simply the redirect URI and not the application web site. It is much easier to simply guide your users through the initial authorization, then (with Refresh Tokens enabled) not have to deal with it moving forward.
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hello!

    Mail sent. About the help, I can't find it. I tried to re-register the help with Delphi with the provided RBHelpInstaller tool, but no change (no errors displayed in the registration). Also I can't open the HLP files on Windows 11.

    The official documentation on the website doesn't mention the option.
  • Hi Marko,

    We have not heard of any issues with the help installing for recent versions of ReportBuilder. Are you certain you are accessing it from the correct location?


    For D12, RB installs .chm (HTML help) files. These are installed into the \Embarcadero\Studio\23.0\Help\Doc\... directory.
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Sorry, my mistake - I found everything you mentioned
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