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ppDesigner and DPI

we are currently using RB 22.02 and Delphi Sydney and on some forms we have hidden report designer that are used by our helpdesk when needed. The ppDesigner is embedded on a form, in a dedicated DevExpress' GroupBox. If the form is opened on a HighDPI primary monitor (4x, windows scale > 100%), then fonts are okay. If the form is opened on a secondary monitor which is normal DPI (windows scale=100% 96 PPI), then almost everything that belongs to RB has fonts scaled up - menu, statusbar, object inspector but interestingly, the tabs are small, text in header of "Document tree" as well "Data tree" are correct.

Here is the link of form's screenshot on normal DPI secondary monitor, Windows 10

Same form on the primary monitor with High DPI (150%), Windows 10

Are there any solutions? It is not critical though but more and more customers have High DPI monitors and helpdesk is asking for solution.

Thank You very much for the help in advance and best regards,
AUDAX d.o.o.
Goran Brumen
Audax d.o.o.


  • Hi Goran,

    Please create a simple example project I can build and run in the debugger. Use standard Delphi components + RB (no DevExpress). Send in zip format to support@. Include steps to recreate the issue. I have duel monitor setup I can use to test.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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