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DBText appears to lose format setting.

I have a report which prints financial values, and I set the format to 0.00. So far so good.

There is a dataset and a pipeline. If an early record has whole pounds ( 123.00 or 123, it seems to cause later records to lose the pence.

My strategy is to set the format in the band before print. I have yet to try this.

Have you come across this?


D7 and W10/64


  • Hi Lawrence,

    All formatting occurs in the TppDisplayFormat.Format routine inside the ppDisplayFormat.pas file. The Delphi routines FormatFloat, FormatCurr, and FloatToStrF are used in various cases based on the format given and data type.

    I suggest tracing into this routine to see exactly what is happening to your values. Note that if you are loading templates, your formatting will be lost unless it is saved with the template definition.
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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