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Hello everyone,

Can I display a custom form to the user via a RAP pass-through function
using the webtier ?

If so, could you send me an example ?


Mozart Brocchini


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    No. RAP is code that executes on the report server only.

    The report server can publish page objects to the client and it can send
    autosearch fields to the client. As a client the web tier can render
    autosearch field information into an html/javascript search form and can
    render pages to an html/javascript viewer.

    I cannot tell from your description whether autosearch parameters would
    satisfy your requirements.
    It is possible to customize the autosearch forms by writing classes that
    generate xhtml/javascript web forms. We will be putting together some
    examples in the near future. We'll post an announcement to this
    newsgroup at that time.



    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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