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Page numbering problem?

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I took a look at RB Server on Ed Dressel's server and it does look

I notice that on many of the reports page numbering has errors, though.
E.g., frequently you see 'Page 1 of 1', 'Page 2 of 2', 'Page 3 of 3'
designations on documents that have more pages than that. That is, each
page says 'Page x of x', when there are actually more pages than x in the
document. What's the story there?

-- Herb


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    > I notice that on many of the reports page numbering has errors, though.

    That is a one pass/two pass setting issue. If you bring up the report Report
    Forms/Basic/Biolife Table, you will see that page one show "Page 1 of 28"

    BTW I had Word do this in a printout the other day. So does that make it a
    feature? ;-)

    Ed Dressel
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    Hmm. I've never seen Word do it unless I'd set up page numbering wrong.

    In any case, it sounds like something the developer needs to be aware of.

    So basically you always need to use a two pass setting if you're using the
    'Page x of x' feature?

    --- Herb

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    Hi Herbert,


    Chris Ueberall;
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    "Herbert Sitz" wrote in message news:3d7e0161@dm500....

    Yes, and this is not something specific to RB Server. It's any report in
    ReportBuilder for which you want to display "Page x of x". RB has to make
    the first pass to find out how many total pages are in the report. I'm
    pretty sure this is clearly documented in the help and tutorials.

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    That makes perfect sense. It just seems like something that
    Digital-Metaphor would want to make sure they had exactly right in their
    demo. Speaking just as a customer -- and not singling DM out as a major
    offender -- when I see something like this in a demo that I'm assuming is
    carefully prepared to demonstrate how great a product is, it makes me think
    that the lack of attention to detail in the demo may reflect a lack of
    attention to detail in the product itself. (I'm assuming that Ed Dressel's
    demo was in fact prepared by DM and not by Ed himself.)

    I also noticed a couple of problems in the "Learn Reportbuilder" demo. For
    example, part of a border line in one report was missing.

    These aren't huge deals. Like I said, though, I just expect that demos will
    be carefully prepared and will have no problems. As a prospective customer,
    it makes me wonder a little bit when I find glitches even in the demo.

    -- Herb Sitz

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    "Herbert Sitz" wrote in message news:3d7e5280$1@dm500....

    Well, the demos that Ed published were (I think) the ones that ship with
    ReportBuilder, but I don't think that D-M had a direct hand in setting up
    Ed's demo site. Nevertheless, I agree with the point you made and have
    often felt the same way about products. Sometimes the correlation is real,
    and sometimes it isn't. But I can assure you that with ReportBuilder,
    there's no lack of attention to detail in the product itself. It is a very
    well-written product, and has proven itself to be very stable and reliable.


    I suspect that in this case it has more to do with the age of some of the
    demos. Some of the demos were created several versions back and have
    probably not been maintained as well as they could be. It's always a
    balancing act between how much time the company should invest in maintaining
    stuff like demos, documentation, etc. vs. improving the product itself. As
    a customer I'm glad to see them focusing their time on improving the
    product, but I'm sure new and potential customers wish they would spend a
    little more time updating the other stuff.

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    Mike -- Thanks. That certainly is the impression I've gotten from everyone,
    that RB is the best there is as far as reportwriters go. So the little
    snafus are not necessarily indicative in this case. I'll be getting RB one
    way or another, either through Dionysus or as a singleton add on.

    -- Herb

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    > Well, the demos that Ed published were (I think) the ones that ship with



    Exactly. And very few demos I see in any product don't have a few gotchs.
    You can spend *hours* looking over details in reports. A company I worked
    for charged good money (makes RB look inexpensive) for a set of reports I
    labored over in detail along with a sales person telling me what was needed,
    and there were errors there as well.

    Ed Dressel
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    Thanks for reporting this issue. Looks like some of the demo reports are not
    correctly set to Report.PassSetting of psTwoPass.

    We'll get this corrected for the next build.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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