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I don't install the BDE at all. I am trying to follow the tutorial on
building a report server application for an explorer database, but when I
click the launch button, I get a momentary hourglass, then nothing.

I did the following:

- Created the appropriate tables in SQL Server, calling them RBEval_Folders
RBEval_Items following the directions in the developer guide
- Replaced TDatabase with TADOConnection
- Replaced TTable components with TADODataSets
- Modified the TppDesigner DataSettings property for the appropriate MS SQL
Server settings
- Ensured all data objects were re-attached.

What's missing?

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    There are several EndUser Database examples installed with the server.

    There is a MS SQL Server example using ADO installed to

    RBServer\Demos\Servers\03. Explorer Databases\MS SQL Server

    Since you do not have the BDE, you may want to start by building a
    server that contains only report archives. Then add an additional volume
    that includes the report explorer database reports.

    There is an archive example located in

    \RBServer\Demos\Servers\02. Volume Types\05. Reports in Archives

    BTW, you do not need to include TppDesigner at all.
    TppDesigner.DataSettings are used to create new reports. Once a report
    is saved, the data connection info is then stored with the report

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