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Could I use RB Enterprise V7 with Delphi 5, but create the server using D6
or D7 and yet save reports created in the D5 application to be run on the
server. I can understand the difficulties in creating a D5 version of server
if you use D6+ functionaility but I don't want to have to move my
application from D5 and all that envolves.


Simon Callcott


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    I think this approach would work fine.

    The Server application that you build in D6/D7 would need the same the
    data connectivity as your D5 reports.

    1. If the reports reside on forms/data modules then you would need to
    include them in the compilation of the D6/D7 Server application.

    2. If the reports reside in a database or report files (.rtm) then you
    could simply use one of the ReportVolume components to make the reports
    known to the server's catalog. With this approach the D5 and D6/D7
    applications could access the same reports.

    The server has the ability to dynamically regenerate the report catalog.
    For example, you can use a ReportVolume component to register a report
    storage structure such as a file directory or a database. As you add and
    remove reports to the storage structure, the server can regenerate the
    catalog to reflect the latest reports.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    > but I don't want to have to move my

    FWIW, I moved a major app with many 3rd party components (way too many) to
    D6 in a day.

    Ed Dressel
    Team DM
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