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Client side QBE?

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We have anticipated the release of RB server, and can't seem to find the
answer to this question. Is there any sort of client-side QBE available for
RB Server? We will be accessing the server from a web browser and I can't
see any way to limit the data returned.


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    This is a very powerful, very cool feature of RB Server! :)

    In RB QBE is referred to as AutoSearch.

    The Report Server includes built-in support for ReportBuilder's
    AutoSearch feature. The Server Edition's WebTier is capable of
    generating dynamic HTML/JavaScript content that provides a full featured
    report preview form, including an AutoSearch dialog that emulates the
    AutoSearch dialog included with the Windows rich client.


    If you are new to RB, here is some additional info on AutoSearch...

    AutoSearch enables you to define ask-at-runtime parameters. This can be
    done most easily via RB's data workspace, see the article below. Also
    check out the following demos: RBuilder\Demos\EndUser\Report Explorer
    and RBuilder\Demos\AutoSearch.

    Tech Tips: Creating AutoSearch parameters via DADE

    1. Access the Data workspace of the Report Designer.

    2. Create a DataView using the Query Wizard or Query Designer.

    2. A DataView tool window will be displayed in the data workspace.

    3. Press the Search button. The Search tab of the Query Designer will be

    4. Add a search criteria item and select the AutoSearch checkbox. You
    can optionally select Mandatory as desired.

    5. Close the query designer.

    6. Now when you select the Preview tab of the Report Designer. A search
    button will appear on the toolbar. This displays the AutoSearch dialog.

    7. By calling Report.Print in code, or by selecting print/preview from
    the report explorer the AutoSearch dialog will be automatically be

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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