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Using RB18.0 Enterprise and Delphi DX10.1 Enterprise.

In my application I have a report (invoice). On the invoice the company logo
of my customers will be placed. The logo is stored in a database, so I use
a tppDBImage to put it on the report. My users cannot access the report-layout
themselfs. Some logo's will be small and placed on either side of the report
(left or right side in the header) and others have a logo that spreads over
the whole header from left to right.
In order to allow placement of their logo on the report as flexible as possible,
I want to present them with some options.

Options that I would like to present:
- Logo on left side in headerband - anchor should be set on left side of
- Logo on right side in headerband - anchor should be set on right side of
- Logo centered in headerband - this might result in covering the whole headerband
(left to right)

Some other things to consider are
- all logo's are placed at the same logo.top
- placement of logo's must take into account a non-printable margin
- maximum width of the logo may be 725 pixels
- maximum height of logo may be 150 pixels
- logo's loaded into the database might be considerably larger (in pixels)
than allowed
- Logo's might have larger height than width.
- dbimage properties Stretched = True and MaintainAspectRation = True

I think about adding some parameters to the report which than allow placement
of the logo via RAP.

What would be the best way to accomplish this, with minimal number of options
to the user?

Thanks for the help!


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