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Subreport without DataScource but with own List?

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Hi There,

I have a problem creatin a Report with a Subreport.

Items from a DataScource should be displayed. So far so good. But they should be sorted, and I have no access to the DataScource for sorting them.

So, my idea was to create a TList (with TStringLists within) with everything from my DataScource I need. I can sort this TList and everything is fine. This works.

But now the sorted list showld be displayed. And as the TList is no real DataScource, the Subreport-thing doesn't work.
(I tried somethink with Memo's, but that's no good solution, as I can's text-size and color for single Items.)

So here my qustion: Is there any possybility to have something like a Subreport with my own List?

I thought of something like that:

global variable: itemForDetail

for i:=0 to myTList.count-1 do
itemForDetail := myTList.Items[i];
Detail.print; // <--- ???

So is there something like this? Or does anybody have another Idea?

Thanks a lot,

Thomas Voigt.

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