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List of invoice numbers per groups

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I want to print invoice numbers from/to in a single row of text in
group header and I am wondering how could I accomplish that task.
My summary report for some period shoul look like:

1. group: data of the company (key = company id)

2. group: payment data, number of invoices (key = payment type id)

3. group: name of the location (key = location id; location is
building, city etc.)

4. group: name of the place where invoices are issued, invoice numbers

5. group: name of the invoice issuer

list of invoices: issue date, invoice number, values...

The data for these items is in one dataset retrieved by some stored
procedure from MS SQL database. The problem in group 4 where there
should be text like "Invoices from number xxx-00120 to xxx-00172".
These invoice numbers change depending on key values from groups 1-4 I
wonder how can I get these starting and ending numbers to be displayed
in a line of text? Any ideas?

I am using RB 16.03 with Delphi XE.

Best regards,
Goran Brumen
Audax d.o.o.


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    Hi Goran,

    My suggestion would be to create a separate query that pre-processes
    your data and contains the information you need to display in Group 4.
    This way, you can directly access that information as you need to print
    it (perhaps in a master/detail relationship).

    ReportBuilder simply traverses the data it is given start to finish. In
    order for RB to handle this, it would need to know all the invoices in a
    group before they had been traversed (i.e. traverse the data twice). It
    may be possible to use a two pass report to accomplish this however it
    could be a complex undertaking. You would likely need to compile a list
    of invoice ranges during the first pass, then update the value to be
    displayed in the second pass.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Nico,

    I was hoping to somehow avoid another detail dataset but okay, if this
    is the solution, then so be it :)

    Thank You very much and best regards,

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