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Drag and Drop Access Violation (JIT Pipeline)

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Apparently I'm missing some required event handler or property setting
in the creation of our JIT Pipeline. Dragging and dropping a field from
the available listing results in an Access Violation somewhere in
TraCodeManager.EditorDragDropEvent (for which I don't have the source).

FPipeLine.SkipWhenNoRecords := false;
FPipeLine.UserName := 'JITPipeline1';
FPipeLine.OnGetDataSetName := ppJITPipeline1GetDataSetName;
FPipeLine.OnGetFieldValue := ppJITPipeline1GetFieldValue;
FPipeLine.RecordCount := 1;
FPipeLine.RangeEnd := reCount;
FPipeLine.RangeEndCount := 1;


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    And I sent that before I intended to. The other portion is the field
    addition to the pipeline, which I've generalized before..

    for x := 0 to (num - 1) do begin
    Feeld := TppField.Create(FPipeLine);
    Feeld.Name := SectionList[x];
    Feeld.FieldName := 'FieldName' + IntToStr(x);
    Feeld.FieldAlias := 'FieldAlias' + IntToStr(x);
    Feeld.FieldLength := 10;
    Feeld.DisplayWidth := 10;
    Feeld.Position := num;
    Feeld.Alignment := taLeftJustify;

    Are there event handlers or values that are known to be necessary for a
    JIT Pipeline which, if not present, cause an AV when dragging and
    dropping? This is in Delphi XE with RB 17.01 build 65. Thank you.
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    Hi Steve,

    Below is a modified version of the code that works in my testing.


    1. To add a Field assign Field.DataPipeline. This will establish the proper
    parent/child relationship. (This pattern is used throughout RB. For example,
    assign Component.Band to add an object to a band, assign Band.Report etc).
    Directly calling DataPipeline.AddField will result in AV's.

    2. Calling JITPipeline.DefineField(aFieldName, aDataType, aFieldLength) is
    an optional way to add fields.

    3. In Delphi the form/datamodule typically 'owns' the Report, DataPipeline,
    and subcomponents. In my code I used TppJITPipeline.Create(Self) and

    4. I don't think assigning the Field.Position is needed.

    liIndex: Integer;
    liField: Integer;
    lsFieldName: string;
    lField: TppField;

    // create JitPipeline
    FJITPipeline := TppJITPipeline.Create(Self);
    FJITPipeline.UserName := 'JITPipelineTest';
    FJITPipeline.RecordCount := 1;
    FJITPipeline.RangeEnd := reCount;
    FJITPipeline.RangeEndCount := 1;

    // add fields using JITPipline.DefineField(aFieldName, aDataType,
    for liIndex := 0 to 4 do
    lsFieldName := 'FieldName' + IntToStr(liIndex);
    FJITPipeline.DefineField(lsFieldName, dtString, 10);

    // add fields by assigning Field.Datapipeline
    for liIndex := 5 to 9 do
    lsFieldName := 'FieldName' + IntToStr(liIndex);
    lField := TppField.Create(Self);
    lField.Name := lsFieldName;
    lField.FieldName := lsFieldName;
    lField.FieldAlias := 'FieldAlias' + IntToStr(liIndex);
    lField.FieldLength := 10;
    lField.DisplayWidth := 10;
    lField.Alignment := taLeftJustify;
    lField.DataPipeline := FJITPipeline;

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    Thank you, that was perfect.
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