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How to skip groups based on a dbcalc in the group footer.

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First off, I am not sure I am posting this to the correct area, if not
please advise where I should post. I need to skip a group based on a
total for the group.

I am using Report Designer Enterprise ver 14.15. I have a two pass
report that is grouped by a datafield "loanNo" and uses a dbcalc to sum
payment amounts in the group footer and total all groups on the summary
band. I want to only show groups where the total payment amount
(dbcalc>=$10000). I have tried toggling the visibility of the fields
and detail band based on the total using DetailBeforePrint or
DetailBeforeGenerate or ReportOnStartSecondPass and
ReportOnEndFirstPass, but I either wind up with everything not visible
or something like this:

Payment 1 $5000 -(this payment is not visible on the report)
Payment 2 $5000
Payment 3 $5000

Total $15000

Also, in the grand total on the summary of the report it includes
amounts for the groups that are not visible, I do not want this.


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    Hi Heather,

    Are you using a registered copy of ReportBuilder or a version built-in
    to another product?

    ReportBuilder simply traverses the data it is given. Even if you were
    to hide a group that didn't meet the specifications, the calculations
    would still be made.

    You need to filter your initial data in order to get the effect you are
    after, possibly with two datasets in a master-detail relationship.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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