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Using DBCalc's Count(FieldName) for counting non-empty records

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I'm wanting to put a summary count of the number of detail bands where a
field is not blank.

I have tried to use a DBCalc, set to "Count", and selecing the DataField
I am interested in. In this instance, the field contains a date/time if
an event has occurred, else that field is empty.

However, all I am getting is a total of the number of records.

From trawling through this newsgroup (after needing to find, download
and install a Newsgroup reader... seriously, who doesn't have a forum in
2014!?), I have found some other questions along a similar lines
(calculating totals based on the contents of a data field), and if I
understand correctly, I believe I can use a work-around of defining a
global variable, creating a dtInteger variable in the detail band,
setting the timing to calculate on traversal and performing the check
for whether this field is complete or not within the OnCalc - but I
would have hoped that simply dropping the dcCount into the summary and
selecing the field would have done the same job!

I'm currently using RB 15.05 build 275.


Garry Mitchell


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    Hi Garry,

    The Count calculation will always give the entire count of the dataset
    up until that point in traversal. If you would like to filter the count
    value in any way, I suggest using a TppVariable and incrementing it's
    value based on certain specifications in the OnCalc event.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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