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Changing layout on last copy

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I have to change the layout of a template with setting visible to false or
true in dependence on printer copie count. The first copies should be
declared as invoice and the last copy should be a packing list.

At first, I created two templates but there is only one paper tray and the
paper is sorted - four sheets in white (invoice) and one in yellow (packing

I can get the count of copies with printersetup object, but I don't find a
way to switch the layout on ReportBeforePrint or OnStartPage.

Do you have an idea?

Best regards


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    Hi Ingo,

    Your specifications would be much easier to meet by doing this in two
    print jobs (2 reports). 1 report would print 4 copies of the invoice,
    then the second would print the packing list.

    One report object could even be used and you could dynamically load the
    proper template based on which part of the print process you were in.

    It is possible to make minor changes to reports mid-copy/printjob
    however I do not believe it is possible to change the complete layout of
    a report via loading a template.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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