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out of system resources

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in a prior version (delphi7, reportbuilder 9.02) a had a report on which
i created images in the afteropendatapipelines in the report (dade).

I created the images in the report like this:

tempImage:= tppimage.create(Detail);
tempImage.band := Report.DetailBand;

in the version we migrated to delphi (XE2 reportbuilder 14.06) this
report does not work anymore.
i debugged it using showmessage from the utility functions

When the tempimage.band is set i get a "out of system resources" error.
Sometime: "Canvas doesnot allow drawing" IF i dont get an error the
button bar height is screwed up and uses the whole page.

Can you give me a hint where to look?

kind regards



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    Hi Ruud,

    Does this happen with every report and every image you try to create
    this way? Does it occur just when previewing or also when printing or
    exporting to file? As a test, try setting
    Report.PreviewFormSettings.SinglePageOnly to True and see if that helps
    the problem.

    If you create a simple example of an empty report that loads this image,
    do you still get the problem? If so, please send me the template and
    image and I'll take a look at what is going on. Send the files to

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Nico,

    thanks for looking into this.

    No, it does not happen with every report.
    Yes, it only happens when previewing. When i print directly there is no
    problem. The error only occurs when i open the exporer and choose
    preview. If i print first then preview works also.

    Changing Report.PreviewFormSettings.SinglePageOnly makes no difference.

    I will mail you the report and include some screen prints.

    kind regards


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