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Retrieving different records at the start of a report

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I am running a report that processes records in one table, but there is
another table for which I need two fields from two different records.

The report prompts for starting and ending date ranges for processing
the report on the main table, and I need to fetch the record in the
other table based on the date entered for the first parameter, set a
calc variable based upon one field there, and then fecth the record for
the ending date and set another calc variable based upon one field

Can this be done in RAP? What is the approach to do this and syntax, if
it is possible?



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    Hi David,

    If you are accessing your data in Dade, you can access your dataset(s)
    as you normally would. []; You would just
    need to create a new dataview that provides access to the separate table.

    If you are accessing data externally, you would need to create a
    passthru function to access that dataset in Delphi. See the RAP demos
    for help with this.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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