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I have declared global variables as follows in the Global|Declarations

ProvGroupUnits: Double;
ProvIndividualUnits: Double;

The following code is present in the DetailAfterPrint handler:

ShowMessage ('Incoming='+ FloatToStr(ProvIndividualUnits));

if Transaction['Insurance Category'] = 'B' then
ProvGroupUnits := ProvGroupUnits + Transaction['Units (2)']
ProvIndividualUnits := ProvIndividualUnits + Transaction['Units (2)'];

ShowMessage ('Outgoing='+ FloatToStr(ProvIndividualUnits));

When the report is executed, the value of "Incoming" is ALWAYS zero even
though the value of "Outgoing" is always equal to Transaction['Units (2)'].

Which suggests the "global" variable is going out of scope and/or being
reinitialized. I do have the following code in the global OnCreate
handler but taking it out doesn't change things at all.

ProvIndividualUnits := 0.;
ProvGroupUnits := 0.0;

Any suggestions or workarounds?




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    Hi David,

    Which version of Delphi and ReportBuilder are you using?

    1. Be sure you are declaring the two globals as variables, not constants.
    2. Are you certain Transaction['Units (2)']; contains a non-zero value? It
    helps to first write this code in Delphi so you can debug it and see what is
    actually happening, then move it to RAP.
    3. Try a simpler case, in my testing I created a global variable named
    MyVariable: Double; Then inside the DetailAfterPrint, I increased its value
    by one and displayed it. This worked as expected.


    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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