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Printing page footer only on the first page

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I have RB 11.06 enterprise and I am struggling how to print page footer only
on the first page. If I uncheck PrintOnLastPage, the footer will print on
the first page only if the report has more than one page. I've also tried
this code on Report.BeforePrint and Footer.BeforePrint:

Footer.Visible := (Report.PageNo = 1);

No success. What I want to print is special bank notice for payment which is
printed only on the first page at the bottom.

Btw, I have found an interesting bug while printing on our HP LJ 3005x. If
the report is larger than one page and I use duplex printing (no matter
whether driver is PostScript or PCL6), then the first page printed is the
last one and rotated 180°...?

Best regards,


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    First of all I am sorry that message went to completely different topic
    as ment at the first place. Grrr Microsoft!

    Moving the code as proposed work as expected! Thanks Nico!

    Regarding the printer. My first thougths were if there is something
    wrong with the printer driver so I tried printing on the same printer
    using PCL6 and then with PostScript dirver. Results were the same. Then
    I've tried printing to PDF via CutePDF and the results were as
    expected. Printing from there to HP printer again gave the expected
    results. But I will try to investigate with another printer we have in
    company, unfortunatelly again HP...

    Sorry again for such weird posting, hopefully the change of news reader
    will prevent such things.

    Best regards,

    Writer? > Does this happen with every report even a simple trivial one?
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