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I'm using report.AutoSearchDescription on a standard rsClient report to
print the criteria selected in a memo field - works great.

I created a report with 3 subreports (section type) that have autosearch
criteria. How do I get at each SUBREPORT.AutoSearchDescription?

The main report.AutoSearchDescritption contains the values of all three


RB 10.08 Server


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    Subreports do not have their own AutoSearch or DADE TdaDataModule. If you
    load an .rtm into a subreport, then the DADE dataviews get merged into the
    main report's TdaDataModule.

    DataModule.DataViews[ ]

    One option would be to iterate over the Report.AutoSearchFields[ ] and
    access each individual AutoSearchField.Description property. That is
    basically what TppReport.AutoSearchDescription returns - is a concatenation
    of the individual autosearch field descriptions.

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    AutoSearchField.Description doesn't appear to be implemented.

    Any other way to get at the AutoSearchDescription ?

    Doesn't compile in RAP

    lAutoSearchField : TppAutoSearchField;

    lAutoSearchField := Report.AutoSearchFieldByName('MY_FIELD');
    MyDescription := lAutoSearchField.Description; *****

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    Try implementing a solution using Delphi code and then write a pass-through
    function that you can call from RAP.

    Article: Extending RAP

    There are two very simple and powerful techniques to extend the capabilities
    of RAP infinitely. These are summarized below and covered in more detail in
    the RAP.hlp online help. Demos and tutorials are installed to
    RBuilder\Demos\RAP. The tutorial text is located in RAP.hlp.

    1. RAP Pass-Through Functions

    These are functions that appear in the Language tab of RAP's Code Toolbox.
    These functions are written in Delphi and can be called from RAP. RAP's
    pass-through function architecture enable's developers to add new built-in
    functions to RAP's code toolbox.

    2. Extend RAP's RTTI

    RAP's Run-time Type information defines what classes and properties can be
    accessed via RAP. By default the published properties of any class that is
    registered with Delphi's RegisterClass procedure is recognized by RAP. In
    addition many of the public properties and methods of ReportBuilder classes
    are exposed.

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